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Camera Repair


At F-11 Photographic Supplies, we offer same day sensor cleaning on most cameras. We provide factory warranty service for most major camera brands and upon inspection can give estimates for non-warranty service. If you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, we stock the highest quality supplies available for sensors, lenses and plasma/computer screens.


Here’s what to bring in when you need warranty service: the item in need of repair, a description of the problem, and your original purchase receipt. Although not required, image files that illustrate the problem can be helpful, particularly when the problem is intermittent or difficult to describe. If you have an extended warranty, please bring that with you as well. When you purchase your camera from us, we have a copy of your receipt available and warranty shipping charges will be waived.


For out of warranty service, just bring the item along with the particular accessories that relate to the problem. Again, sample images showing the problem can be helpful.


Come to F-11 Photographic Supplies for authorized Apple service on portable computers. We’ll get your Apple laptop to the authorized repair center and back in your hands in no time.


Please call us today with any further repair questions. We look forward to speaking with you.


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