The Team

Head Nerd & Idea Curator

Marsha Phillips

Marsha is an avid marketer, photographer, “apper” and Apple aficionado. Whether its done on film, digital or mobile, Marsha is passionate about photography and the enjoyment it brings. She and her husband Doug Bundren have been associated with F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™ since the 80’s and have been the owners since 1998. Fun Fact: Marsha grows her own grapes up here in the frozen tundra. We’ve tasted them, they’re good.


Jenna Caplette

Jenna migrated from California to Montana in the early 1970s, first living on the Crow Indian reservation. A BodyMind Spirit Healthcare Practitioner, she’s been a business owner in Bozeman since – yikes! – 1982. For relaxation, she reads and walks the trails around Bozeman with her four legged companion. Oh, and sometimes she manages to sit down to write and revise copy on photography, technology and things like staff bios for F- 11 Photo & The Print Refinery™.

Lab Ring Leader

Doug Cox

Doug has been a guru of photo finishing since 1997. He graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art with an Associates Degree in Photojournalism and Portraiture. For several years he worked in and lived near Glacier National Park where he spent much of his time hiking and climbing to capture the beauty of the Crown of the Continent. When he’s not making your pictures look amazing here at F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™, he’s working on his own very original business, Art & Frames by Doug Cox.

Lab Dog & Greeter


Don’t let those woeful brown eyes fool you. Jackpot gets plenty of belly rubs and treats as the resident “Lab” dog at F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™. Originally from Walla Walla, Washington, Jackpot has taken to Montana living with enthusiasm: off-trail hiking, chasing muskrats and ducks at the local pond and expertly biting lake trout while boating. Most days, he can be found napping on the floors in the store but he is always ready to greet you with his ever-wagging tail.

Shipping Czar

Art Keene

Art is a fourth generation Montanan, born in Bozeman. He spent four years in the US Naval Air. In all of his travels he didn’t find any place more beautiful than his Montana home. Art has worked at F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™ for decades (Moby Dick was a teenager when he started). Two of his human interest photos have been published in a national magazine and he still shoots film and some digital for his own satisfaction. Art has three sons, eight grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Lab Rat & Photography Class Instructor

Katherine Milledge

Katherine has worked with F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™ since 2006 and is a second generation Bozeman native. With a degree in Graphic Design, she is passionate about capturing photos of families and children set in the beauty of nature. When she’s not teaching Photoshop and helping with workshops, she spends her time trying to keep up with her husband and their three active boys.

Photographic Wizard

Matthew MaCoy

Originally from Denver, Matt moved to Bozeman in 2014 to study photography at MSU, graduating in December 2017. An avid backpacker, skier and mountain biker, he is also a licensed EMT/Ski Patroller. Matt is a proud dog dad to his husky, Sacha. She is his all-terrain, adventure-loving sidekick. Traveling as much of our spinning globe as possible is a priority, so he specializes in travel videography, documentary filming, set and landscape photography. He has a passion for Astrophotography and enjoys teaching it just as much as doing it. Matt is fluent in camera gear of all kinds, plus Apple and most Adobe apps. Matt joined the F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™ team in May 2018.  

Purveyor of Cool Shiny Things

Logan Schaefer

Logan Schaefer is originally from Power, MT.  He moved to Bozeman to attend MSU in 2007 and became the Apple Guru at F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™ in 2013.  As a father of three, he’s an expert at keeping things in order and the fridge full, which is more or less what he does for F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™.   Logan loves sports, but lives for the Boston Red Sox. He currently is working remotely so he can spend more time with his wife, Ashley, and their 3 beautiful children.

Jedi Gear Warrior

Jon Shaver

Jon is an essential element in the F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™ sales and instruction team. He’s been teaching in one form or another since the ripe old age of eighteen, has written and taught classes that have been offered across the nation and continues to guide photography workshops here in the US and abroad. He specializes in landscape and wildlife photography, and lives by the rule “I’d rather be chased by a bear than a bride”. He’s worked with companies such as Champion, Hanes, American Express Travel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, and Holland Cruise Lines. If he’s not outdoors, he’s wishing he was.

Labrat & Fine Art Print Aficionado

Becca Tatarka

A life-long Bozemanite and expert on anything Montana, Becca joined the F-11 Photo & Print Refinery™ team in June 2017. With a BA in photography from Montana State University and as a full-throttle Perfectionist, she excels with any fine art project F-11 Photo throws at her, turning out beautiful product. When not working around the lab, she packs her camera along when hiking with her dogs, fishing with the family, or roping calves at a local rodeo.

Lab Rat

Seth Ward

Seth grew up in northern Wisconsin and moved to Bozeman in 1997 with his wife Carrie. He was originally named after country singer, Jimmy Dean, and you can read the interesting story on Wikipedia!  He considers himself a hobbyist photographer, although his pictures have been published on the cover of the bakery trade magazine “Bake!” and in the Yellowstone Journal of Science.  He’s also a Google Trusted Photographer for Business View Tours. He brought several years of digital press expertise to F-11 Photo. Delicious Fact: Seth, Carrie and their 9 year old daughter are the owners of the amazing Sweet Pea Bakery just down the street from F-11 Photo & The Print Refinery™

Marketing & Advertising

Brooke Welch

Originally from Small Town Wyoming, Brooke is a graphic designer who’s been in Bozeman since 2006. F- 11 Photo & The Print Refinery™ has been her home-away-from-home, since 2008. A mom to a rambunctious toddler and elderly tabby cat, she is married to a programmer by trade, gamer by hobby. Brooke’s favorite snapshots to take are moments of everyday life and colorful foliage. She is in to coffee, Instagram, creating artwork and spending time with friends.

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