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Pickup Next Business Day Prints

We have a new pickup location for Next Business Day prints. It is outside the double door entrance to Regus near the “Take A Tour” banner to make pickup faster and easier.  Pickup with zero waiting from 8 a.m – 6 pm to get your photos. The new print pickup is for Next Business Day […]

Export Pictures From Photos on Mac

OMG is uploading photos the most frustrating part of the Photos on the Mac?? Maybe so. All those pictures, and it seems impossible to browse them to upload and make prints from your Mac. Using a browser to look in the depths of  the Photos Library for pictures you want to print isn’t a thing […]

Important Christmas Holiday Dates & Times 2022

Tis the season to celebrate!  We’re still having a blast cranking out pretty things and knocking back the coffee:)  The clock is ticking on this holiday season, so keep your eye on these dates to receive your order in time for Christmas: December 12:  Final day to drop off video, audio or movie film for […]

Holiday Order Schedule & Special Hours Christmas 2021

Here are the answers to the holiday’s most pressing questions including: When do I have to place my order to get it by Christmas?  To receive gift items, books, metal prints, canvas wraps etc. by Christmas with Standard Shipping, place your order by December 8th. Beginning December 9th and continuing through the 14th, choose expedited […]

Film Processing Info

Got film?  We still process film and single use cameras with a trusted partner lab. Choose film processing only, scanning or prints—or get all three. There are new services available too—choose the familiar 18mb scan or go dare we say go huge and try the 48 mb scan.  Drop off film with your contact info […]

How & Where To Pick Up & Drop Off

Pick Up or Drop Off Hours & Location:  Wondering how that works?  Its easy.  If you want to drop off an order or pick up an order when its ready, stop in weekdays from 8:30 – 5 at the Reception Desk on the second floor of the 5 West building on the corner of Tracy […]

How To Download An Image From Hightail

If you’ve opted for electronic delivery of your files by “FTP” or Hightail from our lab, its easy to get them downloaded to your computer.  Follow these steps:  Click on the “View All Files” link in the email.  This will take you to your images on the download page in Hightail.  Click on the “Download […]

Social Sites As Backup?

Its probably safe to say the best thing about social platforms is sharing images. Instagram is built exclusively on pictures and has become as ubiquitous as “Kodaking” was back when the Brownie was invented. Photos on social media are fun and inspiring in so many ways. Yet some of us rely on platforms like Facebook […]

Taking Photos in the Snow and Cold

When you gear up for a winter photo expedition, short or long, the first thing to consider is you. If you’re cold, cold, cold, you won’t be able to focus on the process of capturing a good photo. So dress warmly, and take more clothes than you think you’ll need. Know your vehicle is in […]