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Fun with FILM Photography!

Fun with FILM Photography! Trust your local professional lab (that’s us) for film processing.               THE CAMERAS: The new generation of film photographers are using disposable cameras, SLRs inherited from relatives and newly purchased used models. There is very little in the way of new film cameras being manufactured or […]

What Happened to my film? Troubleshooting Tips.

WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FILM? You asked, and we found the answers. We’ve assembled this list of common film photography problems and solutions to help you take better pictures. Enjoy! BLANK FILM If a roll is not loaded correctly or does not transport through the camera, it will be blank. A broken shutter can also […]

4 Quick Tips for protecting your photo legacy!

          STEP 1: SORT Take pictures out of albums, frames and boxes so you are working with only loose prints. Choose the photos you want to keep. Remove duplicates and poor-quality shots. Keep only the most meaningful images and toss the rest if you are working to downsize or eliminate clutter. […]

Archiving Best Practices

  Does this sound familiar? “I have photos on a bunch of old CDs, thumb drives, external hard drives, in albums and then there is my Dropbox, Google Photos, and maybe I’ve backed up to iCloud…help, I am overwhelmed!” Before you can start to organize your photos, you have to get them ALL into one […]

Concierge Archiving Services

If you love a good project and tackling that cluttered photo closet (or desktop computer) doesn’t scare you – go ahead and dive right in! After all, you have a personal connection to all those memories and you know exactly what you want to keep or toss. Here are a few Pro Tips for those […]

Creatively Cute Wedding Gifts + Keepsakes

Creatively Cute Wedding Gifts + Keepsakes Make your day unique and personal! Photos can make your wedding day more personal and after the event, they can live on for years after! Here are some creative ways to bring photography to your celebration and beyond!                 Please, please, please […]

Enjoy the memories at these key times in your life.

Throughout our lives, there are those key events where reminiscing and looking back in time become extremely important to us. Whether you have to sort through boxes of old memorabilia or access the thousands of digital images on your device – these are the times when your photo collection becomes more valuable than ever.   […]

Passport Photo

Passport need updating? Don’t forget the photo! Walk-in’s are always welcome! The world is yours to explore with a passport in hand. Have your picture taken in our studio by our professional staff. We promise to take as many photos as needed to pass U.S. Department of State regulation at no additional charge. A few […]

Local Print Expert

When it’s sentimental or involves your sensitive personal information (like photos), you want to talk to a professional face to face so you can trust their recommendation.               Passion. You need someone who really gets it. Our shop is full of dedicated people who care about your life being […]