How to Declutter & Sort Photos

Sorting through old photographs can feel overwhelming, but these tips can make the process easier.


Don’t be afraid TO trash!

Multiple shots of the same scenery or event don’t always add more value to the story. A good guideline is to keep only 20% of the photos for albums and eliminate the rest.






Organize by theme & date.

Organizing photos by theme and date is often most effective for making creating folders and identifying specific photos easier.







Pace yourself

Limit yourself to two seconds per photo when deciding whether to keep, toss or organize. Sorting a lifetime of photos is time-consuming. Be sure to take occasional breaks.






Be emotionally Prepared

Going through your photos can be a journey of healing. Allow yourself to feel these emotions as you go through your memories.







  • Digitize for long-term preservation + safety

Choose a trusted, local expert to help preserve your family history. Once digitized, the files can be stored in a safe online location, making accessing the images easier for family members around the world.







  • Store THE ORIGINALS safely

If you choose to keep the original photographs, be sure to store them properly. Keep them in a location with average temperatures and low humidity. Use acid-free containers designed for photo preservation. Avoid basements and attics.







Keep your memories safe and local!

We never recommend shipping away family archives, treasured photos and irreplaceable home video movies. It’s too risky. We’ve been professionally preserving memories for decades and will treat your memorabilia with the utmost care. Stop in or schedule a consultation with one of our archiving experts!

How To Take Epic Mobile Photos

The built-in cameras in today’s mobile phones can take stunning photos and turn average shots into professional-looking images with the tap of a finger. Enjoy these quick tips for enhancing your mobile photography skills.

These tips specifically reference the iPhone built-in camera app. The Android camera app has similar features.


Bring the background closer to you.

Zoom in on while stepping back. The background will appear closer to the subject in the image.


Change your iPhone camera settings-

Turn on ‘Most Compatible‘ to reduce the file compression of your images, which will keep them sharper and crisper.


Turn on ‘HDR‘. This will ensure everything in your photo is evenly exposed, allowing you to see everything in your image.


Capture movement and find the perfect shot by using burst mode. 

Press the shutter button and drag it to the left. This will activate burst mode. Once you capture all the movement, you will go in your camera roll > find the burst> and scroll through until you find your favorite shot.


Copy + Paste a subject out of an iPhone photo and into a message.

Simply hold your finger down on the subject you want to copy out > press copy > then paste in any message.


Remember to print!

Today’s mobile photos have very high image quality – meaning they make great-looking prints. Recent phone model cameras can produce print sizes 16×20″ and larger!