Calendar Tip for iPhone Photographers

The Clip It Calendar is the perfect choice to keep your iPhone and Instagram images front and center all year.  When using pictures from your iPhone in a multi-image product like this, hit the “+” sign and make a new album on your phone with a name you’ll remember like “2019 Calendar.” Next, select the photos you want to use from any album then use “add to” at the bottom of the screen to make them appear in your new “2019 Calendar” album. Now you’re ready to order Clip It Calendars here or use the F-11 Photo Print & Share App.  All of the photos you want to use are now be in one convenient location–choose a template and drop the photos in the month you want to see them in next year.  You’ll be done in no time!  Oh ya when you’ve finished your project, you can delete the “2019 Calendar” album from your iPhone–your photos will still be in the original albums.