Pickup Next Business Day Prints

We have a new pickup location for Next Business Day prints. It is outside the double door entrance to Regus near the “Take A Tour” banner to make pickup faster and easier.  Pickup with zero waiting from 8 a.m – 6 pm to get your photos. The new print pickup is for Next Business Day prints and “print only” orders of 8″ x 12″ and smaller prints. 

 Look for the “order ready” email so you know your prints are available for immediate pickup and verify the pickup location.  If you’ve placed a scanning or archiving order with us that contains original film, prints, slides, negatives, videotape, movies, audiotape or artwork, or any other type of originals, those orders will continue to be available at the reception desk.  Check the invoice message on scanning and archiving orders for current pickup hours.

Tip: In case you haven’t found them yet, there are two 15 minute parking places in the rear of the building for your convenience.  Print pickup takes only a couple of minutes. Parking is busiest during lunch and cocktail hour:)